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    “Jane Birkin” hairstyle for adult

    August 28, 2013

    Tomoko Chiba, 43 years old, is busy taking care of her young children, so the most important factor for her hairstyle is how easy she can do styling.



    “I wanted to have a natural but stylish hairstyle, which could be done drying my hair.” Tomoko said.


    Her hairstylist, Ms. Yamaoka from DIFINO, has been taking care of her hair for 8 years.


    “I used to go to the salon, BEAUTRIUM. Mr. Dobashi opened his own hair salon, DIFINO after working for BEAUTRIUM. Ms. Yamaoka was an assistant of Mr. Dobashi at that time. This is how I met him. She was very good for shampoo, color, and had good taste from the start.”




    This time, Ms. Yamaoka proposed to Tomoko a “Jane Birkin” hairstyle.




    “My image for her new hairstyle was young Jane Birkin. Without complicated styling, it looks natural and stylish. This is a cute style only for adult women.” Ms. Yamaoka explained.


    Ms. Yamaoka has known Tomoko’s hair for a long time, so she knows the best way to use her natural hair and to create a style.


    “The important point about “Jane Birkin” hairstyle is the thick bang. The key is to cut bang the length of eyebrow, leave it natural without too much styling.” Ms. Yamaoka explained.


    Ms. Yamaoka carefully calculated the volume of bang, thick enough to create “Jane Birkin” style, and applied “slide cut” technique to have a soft and natural movement.


    For color, her image was so called “Jane’s milk tea color.”

    She applied gray color for root of hair, creamy color for the middle, light graduation color from the root to the end of hair. She also applied highlight which has the merit to cover gray hair.




    “I really like this hairstyle. It looks great as it is, or I can tie it up. It looks simple but full of Ms. Yamaoka’s creativity and imagination for style. She always seriously takes care of my hairstyle even if she is a very busy hairstylist. I trust her work and her personality, and she will be my hairstylist for a long time.” Tomoko said.


    Tomoko would like to try short hairstyle sometime in the future. It will be interesting to see how Ms. Yamaoka will use her imagination to create her next hairstyle.




    Hair salon: DIFINO

    Hairstylist: Noriko Yamaoka

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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