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    ABOUT UNIEQUE PIECE:ユニークピースとは。

    Yumi Masuda(the chief editor,writer)
    Yumi was born in Shiretoko peninshula, Hokkaido, in 1976, studied Japanese literature in Ochanomizu University. After working for TV production company, she started her career as a writer.
    Since her first article for a magazine was about hair style, she decided to specialized in hair care industry.
    Since then, she writes 700 – 800 pages about hair care every year. The number of models she has taken photos in the last 12 years of her career is over 30,000. She was also the editor in chief for “Cendrillon” the pioneer in hair care website.
    Besides her writing career, Yumi also works for branding of major salons, as adviser for product development, and as instructor at hair care seminars.
    She published a book called “Photo shoot Lesson” (Kami Shobo publisher), and “The 100 words of top hair stylist” (Shufu no Tomo publisher)
    Message from Yumi:
    “I am happy to help you find “UNIQUE PIECE” hairstyle.

    MAYUMI (President, “MISS ESSENCE”)
    Mayumi is a President of “Miss Essence” corporation, operating hair salon in Aoyama, Tokyo and Nagoya, Aichi.
    She developed and patented “Skull modification cut,” and her specialty is to create hair style which can be maintained by just hand drying.
    Mayumi is popular among adult women having more than 400 regular clients a month.
    Winning two hair dresser championship organized by TV Tokyo in 1998 made her famous on TV and in the magazine industry. She has been organizing seminars to train hair dresser for 11 years.
    She published a book called “Kirei wo kanaeru Hosoku (the secret for creating beauty)” for Kami Shobo publisher. She also has a good knowledge about fashion and is followed by many clients asking her for advice.
    Mayumi is 53 years old, has a 28 years old son, is single, waiting for future partner.
    Message from Mayumi:
    Hair style will change your look. When you start to worry about your age, this it the time to take care of your hair.

    Yuichi Hamaguchi
    Yuichi was born on January 11, 1979. After graduating from Yamano beauty college, he joined hair salon “Cura” in 2011. Beside working at Cura as a top stylist, he is known as a hair care specialist.
    Yuichi technique and theory for all the area around hair care, takes an active role in the industry.
    He has written several articles for hair magazine, works for product development, and talks at seminars.
    Message from Yuichi:
    Please ask me anything about your hair.

    Satoru Tsuchiya
    Satoru joined hair salon MINX Aoyama branch in 1998 after graduating from Nagano Beauty College. He is now manager of MINX Shimokitazawa branch, providing hair design that clients are looking for.
    He is specialized in “Copy-cut” that re-create hair design from looking at photos.
    His hair cut seminars are popular not only in Japan but also abroad.
    He brings his work up to art work. He is known for creating “mode-style” or avant-garde hair design. He won a grand prize at Aohara-kai first photo contest.
    His motto is “You cannot achieve your goal because you do not try, not because you cannot.”
    Message from Satoru:
    I would like to support independent and matured women who want to express themselves with their own style with a touch of fashion.

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