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  • Hair style from 40's

    June 5, 2013

    Yuko Takizawa, 40 years old, a mother of 2 girls, recently changed her hairstyle from long to bob style.

    Yuko had been keeping her long hair style until she turned 40.

    Although long hair was her trade-mark, she was a bit frustrated with styling – looking either too sweet or too conservative, so changing her hair style was a natural choice.




    Her model for hair style is Yoshiko Tomioka, a model from “STORY” fashion magazine. According to Yuko, “Ms. Tomioka’s hair style and look doesn’t just follow the trend, but combines style that match her age.”


    Yuko’s new bob style is popular among her friends as well as her husband. Her hair style makes her look not only elegant and feminine but also cool and intelligent.



    Mr. Fukui from hair salon “PEEK A BOO” said bob style looks better on her face shape, making it more well-rounded and elegant. He applied a technique of low-graduation cut, and curl with hot curlers, uses 3 curlers on the end, 3 for middle, and 2 for top of her hair.  He also uses round-cut technique for easy styling.  He believes that women in their 40s should look for elegant style.  For that purpose, he creates a form, which is easy to be maintained, with cutting techniques.



    For hair color, he applied warm natural brown as a base, then applied gray color to cover her white hair.  “It is important to select the right colors. For Mrs. Takizawa, I chose warm brown instead of yellow and ash based brown.” Mr. Fukui explained.


    Yuko’s dream is to make her career in encouraging women in their 40s to be more beautiful.

    Her concern is not only outside look, but inner beauty.

    She studied to be a yoga instructor and a food coordinator – to give a balance for the body and soul – which is her theory for beauty.


    I believe that Yuko will be a role model for women in their 40s in her future career.



    Hair Salon: GINZA PEEK A BOO, Namiki-Dori branch (PEEK A BOO TOKYO, Ginza)

    Hair styling: Tatsuma Fukui

    Official Website

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Yumi Masuda

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