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    Hair care lesson by Hama-chan (vol.1) What happens to women’s hair in their 40s

    June 4, 2013

    Unique Piece would like to talk about hair care for women in their 40s and 50s.

    Our lecturer is Mr. Yuichi Hamaguchi from “Cura” hair salon in Harajuku, Tokyo.


    Mr. Hamaguchi is known as a hair care professional in the beauty industry.  His knowledge and experiences are highly respected by hair care products manufacturer.

    I am happy to announce you that for Unique Piece Mr. Hamaguchi, or Hama-chan (his nickname) will have a serie of article on hair care issues for women in their 40s.


    The topic for the first issue is about hair trouble for women in their 40s.



    “Women in their 40s often have issues with hair, such as gray hair, volumeloss, brightness, healthiness, and so on. What is going on for 40s women’s hair?”



    “There are many reasons for hair trouble. There are 4 main issues for women in their 40s that cause hair trouble.

    1. Deterioration of blood circulation
    2.Deterioration of body metabolism
    3. Scalp
    4. Aging Symptoms


    First case is having hair trouble due to deterioration of blood circulation. When blood circulation is deteriorated, it stops to give enough nutrition to the hair root where cell division is created. As a result, hair gets thinner and lose healthiness.


    Second, deterioration of body metabolism causes a decrease of sebum on scalp. Sebum gives richness to the hair, so lack of sebum ends up with dry hair.


    Third one is problem with scalp. Aging scalp causes pores in the skin to be deformed, as a result, healthy hair cannot grow.


    Then the aging symptom – which is still part of mystery – but which accelerates gray hair and damaged hair.”


    Hama-chan explained the 4 main factors for cause hair troubles.

    He will let us know trouble shootings for those problems in his next lecture.


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