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  • Hair style from 40's

    Hairstyles, Short hairstyle

    So happy to have my favorite hair salon!

    June 3, 2013

    Reiko Taki, 44 years old with 3 kids, is a successful business woman.

    Her favorite hair salon “Tierra” is not just a place to cut her hair but to have relaxing time out of her busy life.

    UNIQUE PIECE 40代からのヘアカタログ Tierra 中村康弘

    “Tierra always welcome me with friendly atmosphere and smiling staff. It makes me happy and give me a positive energy when I leave the salon.” Reiko said.


    Reiko’s profession is “Smile Concierge.” She is MC at events, and give seminars on how to talk with a smile.  For her profession, being in front of audience, clean and sophisticated look is a must.


    In terms of fashion, she is a big fan of Hiromi Oshida, a fashion stylist, who has serial publication on a fashion magazine called “Precious.”

    And for her hair style, she has been relying for 14 years on a hair dresser, Mr. Nakamura .

    The reason she has been trusting Mr. Nakamura is that he conducts counseling to be sure of her needs.


    “As a busy woman, Reiko needs a easy hair styling.  The best for her is short hair, which is easily to be maintained, then add movement and texture to the style for fabulous look.” Mr. Nakamura said.


    Reiko’s hair lacks of volume on the top of her head structure. Mr. Nakamura perm her hair except fringe area, parietal ridge, and hairline along the neck.  He perms the top using 7 of 27 mm perm to give a boost of volume, then perms other area with 24 mm rod just to make one and half sized curl to give her a naturally wave cut.

    UNIQUE PIECE 40代からのヘアカタログ Tierra 中村康弘

    For hair color, Mr. Nakamura mix “melty maple” and gray color.

    “Women in their 40s are loosing hair volume and getting gray hair.  If I apply the same color it cannot be uniformly colored, therefore, I apply darker color around face, then apply some highlight on the top which gives movement and the hair does not look flat.”

    Mr. Nakamura explained.


    This is a tailor-made hair style for Reiko. She looks brilliant with her new hair style.

    “I feel great when my hair gets done, as usual!” Reiko smiled then left  for work.


    It is great to have a favorite hair salon, which makes you look beautiful and give good energy for life.

    Tierra is such a place for Reiko.

    UNIQUE PIECE 40代からのヘアカタログ Tierra 中村康弘 3


    Hair salon: Tierra (Harajuku, Tokyo)

    Hair stylist: Yasuhiro Nakamura

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Yumi Masuda

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