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    Sophisticated hairstyle for executive woman

    November 8, 2013

    Naomi Miyaishi, 42 years old, works as a human resource manager at an international company.  Her daily wardrobe is pant suits since she does seminar and interviews.


    “For freshman job seminar, I meet young students who could be my child in terms of age. To make our company attractive for those students, I try to look cool, intelligent, successful that those students can respect, but also who can understand about young generation.” Naomi said.


    Naomi met Mr. Andoh, her hairstylist, through mixi, the biggest social network site, when Mr. Andoh was looking for a model for haircut. He created short hair with foreign appearance.


    “Mr. Ando is soft and easy to talk to. He respond to my difficult request such as make me look young and cute, and try to work on it. Since he is a high skilled hairstylist, he can make it happen. I go to his hair salon regularly even I can wait a bit longer because I do not want him to think that I am unfaithful to him and have an affair with other hairstylist.” Naomi joked and smiled.


    The theme for her new hairstyle is cute style for matured woman.

    “Naomi usually reads fashion magazine for business women such as “BAILA” and “oggi”, so I added a sense of sweetness from “Bijin Hyakka,” different type of fashion magazine to propose casual and sweet hairstyle.”




    With age her hair started to loose its strength and have grey hair. Mr. Ando worked on those common issues with UNIQUE PIECE generation.


    “First of all, I applied layer cut to fluff up the top, then make the hair fall down at clavicle to create volume. I also used layered cut at the bottom of hair not to make it look sharp, at the same time, cut hair for the length to make the volume at the chin not to look old.”




    For colour, the theme is “Maron gradation.” To cover grey hair, I applied natural gradation colours to give glossy and soft texture.

    For styling, he made one curl using 32mm hair iron, and create volume by using magic curler, put some Shea butter at the backside of ear, in front of ear, and the temple.




    “I am satisfied with my new style, it looks good and easy for styling as usual. As a professional stylist, Mr. Andoh always give me good advise based on the character of my hair. Therefore, I can relax and rely on his advise. I am always excited on how he will change my hairstyle. Hair salon should be a place where we can change our look and image.” Naomi said.


    For executive woman like Naomi, it is important to have a hair salon and hairstylist that she can trust and have a relaxing time.


    Hair salon: assort

    Hairstylist: Hiroshi Andoh

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama

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