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    Bob hairstyle, Hairstyles, Short hairstyle

    Femine bob style for woman in her 40s

    December 23, 2013

    Hiroko Hayashi, 40 years old, works at a dental clinic, and she is mother of a 4 and half years old boys, making her life busy taking care of him.



    “My time at the hair salon is a relaxing time in my busy daily life. I read fashion magazines while I wait for my hair to be done.” Hiroko said.


    She likes to spend time for herself after putting her boys to sleep, even if she often fall asleep because she is tired.  Therefore, the time at the hair salon, ange, is a precious time for her to take care just of herself.




    She met her hair stylist, Mr. Takayuki Sato, 22 years ago.  She asked him to cut her hair very short, and falled in love with his cutting technique.  Since then, not only herself but all her family including her husband, her mother, her sister and husband became clients of Mr. Sato.


    “Usually I leave the decision on Mr. Sato’s hands.  He creates a fresh and new style every time without me explaining how I want it.” Hiroko said.


    This time, Hiroko told Mr. Sato to keep length so she can tie up her hair. Besides that request, she asked for “Omakase” (leave the decision to Mr. Sato).  Mr. Sato proposed her a bob style which makes her look younger and fresh, and forget about her busy daily life taking care of her son.




    Hiroko has natural curly an dry hair, loosing volume along her face.  Mr. Sato used slice cut vertically to create gradation along her face line and a nice round shape at the end of her hair.  He cut her bang to give volume and make her look young and natural.


    Mr. Sato used dark magenta for the hair colour.  He retouched the root with ON-6 from Napla, then put mesh colour with 5-60/n from Ordeve to create a three dimensional impression as well as prevent hair from loosing its colour . For overall, he  used 7 NV from Hoyu company. By putting pink colour over and adjust the hair colour it gives an elegant look for a matured woman.




    Mr. Sato also used straight treatment to give a good texture to the hair.  For hair styling, he used 17 mm magic curler to create a vertical curl for bang which has the least volume and J-shaped curl all over the end of hair.  After taking out curlers, she has a glossy and beautiful bob style.


    “Having a hair cut by Mr. Sato gives me good energy for my busy daily life. I want to stay young and beautiful until the time I finish raising my children and have more time for myself and my husband.”


    It seems like Hiroko will rely for a long time on Mr. Sato for her hairstyle.


    Hair salon: ange ZEST

    Hair stylist: Takayuki Sato

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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