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    Live young when 50 – the combination of colors gives three dimentional hairstyle look

    December 27, 2013

    Kuniko Ishihara, 58 years old, has been a client of hair salon MASHU for 6 years. At the beginning, her hairstylist was the former manager of the salon, then he introduced the current manager Ms. Yuka Takagi to Kuniko when he moved to another salon.




    “I am happy with my hairstyle, cut and color.” Kuniko said.

    Her concern is her grey hair which increase with age.  She used to dye her hair once a month, but now she comes to her hair salon every three weeks to cover her grey hair.




    “For the root of her hair, I applied 5 level grey cover color. For the rest, I used standard color dye and weave her hair with different width. Then washed out the color dye once, applied lighter tone of the color which I used for root from the middle to the end to hide line.” Ms. Takagi explained. Kuniko’s hair looks natural, not too dark but the grey hair is well covered.


    “Since I started to have color treatment at MASHU, I have good comments from my friends that my grey hair became much nicer. Some people told me that they cannot notice that I use grey hair cover.” Kuniko looks happy.




    Kuniko used to grow her hair for autumn – winter seasons, however she decided to cut just above her shoulders.  Backside of her hair has natural volume due to the graduation cut.

    Since Kuniko is an active lady who goes to gym, cooking lessons, and gardening, Ms. Takagi created a style for Kuniko not needing to spend too much time for styling and the style to be kept even when she moves around a lot.




    Kuniko’s favourite is having shampoo at MASHU which gives her a relaxing and comfortable time.

    “They are very good with shampoo. I am looking forward to it every time I visit the salon.” Kuniko said.


    Not only techniques but the relaxing atmosphere is an important criteria for choosing our favourite hair salon in our busy daily lives.




    Hair salon: MASHU, Minami-Horie branch

    Hairstylist: Yuka Takagi

    Official website: http://www.mashu.jp

    Photo by Takuya Okamoto

    Text by Yumiko Nishimura


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