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  • Hair style from 40's

    Bob hairstyle, Hairstyles, Short hairstyle

    Feminine and fluffy short hairstyle for woman in her 40s

    January 10, 2014

    Fumie Suzuki, 46 years old, is a mother of 2 boys, 6th grade and 2nd grade of elementary school.

    “The time of starting elementary school for my younger son became a milestone for my child raising. Since I have more time for myself, I wanted to try something different.  I asked for a  feminine and fluffy short hairstyle instead of an “obachan” (middle age woman) one.

    Fumie said with her charming smile.



    Fumie’s hair is soft and thin which makes her hair looks flat.

    “I created fringe to give a sense of depth and three dimensional effect to the front part, and created a fluffy movement by adding layers on top. By cutting the backside sharp and compact, it gave  contrast to the shape.” Mr. Takahashi, her hairstylist, explained about the haircut.


    He also permed her hair from top to the nape of the neck using 26 – 20mm rods, smaller as it goes down, to give movement to the style.




    The theme for coloring is so called beige for adult woman.

    Mr. Takahashi retouched the roots with 8 level beige brown. After giving a shampoo, applied 14 level highlight only to the top, then after another shampoo, colored with 10 level beige brown all over the hair.

    “To prevent the hair to become reddish, I recommend to give a highlight up to 14 level.” Ms. Shinoda, coloring specialist, explained.  Fumie’s new hair color looks shinny and structured, which makes her skin transparent and clear.




    Fumie has been a client for her hair salon, kakimoto arms, for 13 years. She was looking for a high class salon with proven techniques.

    “Kamimoto arms is a definitely a first class salon with outstanding services. I have a precious time here as if I am at a 5 star hotel.  Their staff are excellent, well educated and concerned.” Fumie offered as compliment on her salon.


    How do you like your new challenge on hairstyle?

    “It is fabulous, extremely pleasing and successful. My husband also gave me a great compliment. I am 46 years old, getting closer to 50, but I would like to try new style regardless of my age. I can be challenging because I trust my hairstylist.” Fumie said.




    Fumie enjoys an arrangement of style by putting side hair on her ears. Looks gorgeous!




    Hair salon: kakimoto arms

    Hairstylist: Satoru Takahashi

    Hair colorist: Kana Shinoda

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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