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  • Hair style from 40's

    Bob hairstyle, Hairstyles, Short hairstyle

    Fresh and youthful graduation bob style

    January 13, 2014

    Chieko Sakaguchi, 50 years old, has been going to her hair salon, stella nord, for 8 years.  Her current hairstylist, Anri Morita, was an assistant for her former hairstylist.



    “I have noticed Ms. Morita’s talent when she gave me a shampoo the first time. She made me decide to stay with this salon and her as a stylist when she cut my hair as I was actually thinking of moving to another hair salon.” Chieko said.




    Since then, Chieko became Ms. Morita’s regular client. Not only herself but her husband and two son became her clients too.

    “Ms. Morita is a person of few words, but she pulls up our needs and brings up in shape.”

    Chieko trusts Ms. Morita and leave her hairstyle in her hands.




    This time, Chieko asked for a new style with easy styling.

    To respond to her request, Ms. Morita applied hair relaxer to Chieko’s frizzled hair to keep the style. Ms. Morita used various types of products depending on the part of hair; hair relaxer to the front part, where Chieko is mostly concerned about her frizzy hair, and different product to top and inside to keep up the volume.


    Base for the style is a gradation bob style slightly longer at the front.  The hair around  her face is textured to give movement.  Top part is also lifted with layers.


    For the coloring, due to her job she cannot make it too blight color, therefore, Ms. Morita created a warmness in the dark color.


    “I am fully satisfied with my new style. I will be able to maintain it with easy styling.” Chieko said.


    As Chieko followed Ms. Morita even after she transferred to another brunch, Ms. Morita won the confidence and trust from Chieko.

    It is so lucky to find a hairstylist with proven techniques and ability.




    Hair salon: stella nord

    Hairstylist: Anri Morita

    Photo by Takuya Okamoto

    Text by Yumiko Nishimura



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