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    Stylish hairstyle for mother raising baby

    January 20, 2014

    Chiori Tatsuda, 41 years old, is a mother of 3 years and 1 year old children. She is on her maternity leave from her secretary job. She showed up for the photo shooting with her 1 year old baby.




    “My body shape changed due to the birth, so my fashion style and clothes have changed too.  I cannot wear shoes with high heals any more.  I asked for a hairstyle which makes me look stylish although I am a mother of a baby.” Chiori said.


    Her hairstylist, Sadamu, has been taking care of her hair for 15 years. How he responded to her request?




    “I had a inspiration from western ladies from Los Angeles and Paris, casual but cool.” Samamu said.


    The base style is A-line bob at shoulder level.  Sadamu cut her hair carefully as if he is making a sculpture, cutting bunch after bunch observing the natural characteristics of the hair to make Chiori’s face line clean and pretty.  The style is casual but chic.




    Sadamu created a color called “smoky chocolate.”


    He also applied digital perm randomly to make the hair fluffy moving with wind and body movements.  Chiori’s cool but cute hairstyle was completed with Sadamu’s proven techniques.




    “I love the color of my hair.  The hair length looks nice with my winter jackets and stoles.” Chiori is completely satisfied with her new style.


    “Sadamu understands my hair and its characteristics, so that he can create a style with good finish. I just need to tell him the image that I have for my hair and he understands my expectations.  I rarely went out until my baby became 1 year old, but I am now confident of being beautiful if I come to see Sadamu.” Chiori trusts Sadamu’s professionalism.




    Chiori’s husband as well as her older son became Sadamu’s clients.  With the change in life style, the relationship with hairstylist become stronger – it is lucky to find such a hairstylist.


    Hair salon: Salon de SADAM

    Hairstylist: Sadamu

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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