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    Cool and stylish short style

    January 24, 2014

    Mami Yamanaka, 40 years old, is a stylish lady, mother ofa  10 years boy and a 5 years girl. After giving birth when she was 32 years old, she started modeling for magazines.



    Mami met her hairstylist, Kaoru Sumi, when she was 34 through her work for magazines.


    “I have met many hairstylists through magazines, but Ms. Sumi is the best. I was attracted by her not only because her skills but also for her warm personality.  Since then for the past 7 years, I have been to dea, her hair salon, every month and half. She also takes care of my children’s haircut.” Mami said.




    After her 2nd baby, Mami has been concerned about her gray and frizzy hair, therefore, checking up her hair and having head spa treatment have become essential when she goes to a hair salon.


    What was her request this time?


    “I asked my new hairstyle to be stylish and look perfect from different angles, and hair to look more shinny and glossy.” Mami said.


    “Her hair is naturally curled and frizzy, and also tend to be dry. I tried to create a style which makes her head shape looks good and a cool style which makes her face looks sharp.” Ms. Sumi explained.




    The base style is graduated, slightly longer on the front. The hair around her face is looks like mushroom line connected to the bang, the round shape makes her look younger.


    Since Mami has hair volume, thinning it out was important. Using thinning shears, she removed bulk from hair especially behind ears and the nape of the neck. For hair above her ears, she removed bulk from the middle and cut the hair end to blend well.




    For color, Ms. Sumi created glossy beige color using gray cover color (Milbon Beaute 8NB:7NB= 3:1) for the roots, Milbon Ordeve (9/10:8NB=2:1) from middle to the end. She also applied low light (Milbon Ordeve 6CB) every 1cm for the top.


    How does she like her new hairstyle?


    “As I requested, the new style has a beautiful shape from different angles, especially the volume on the top and backside is perfect. I also got positive energy from Ms. Sumi. I feel like I can enjoy my daily life being happy and positive.” Mami said.




    For Mami hair salon is a very important place.


    “With my age, I have more things to do in life and I am busier compared to my 20s.  Therefore, I need to reserve my precious time, for me to be beautiful. When I go to hair salon, they make me confident about my look, and it gives me a positive energy.” Mami said.


    It is important to have a hair salon and hairstylist whom we can trust and who give us positive energy.  It seems like the relationship between Mami and Ms. Sumi will continue for a long time.




    Hair salon: dea by Noz

    Hairstylist: Kaoru Sumi

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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