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    Elegant long hair for urban life style

    January 27, 2014

    Junko Okatani, 40 years old, is a friend of the owner of a hair salon called Thalia. She started to go  to the salon when it opened, since then she has become a regular client at the salon.

    “I am impressed by Ms. Arima’s skills and her personality. She is experienced with all kind of different techniques.” Junko said.



    “When I was going to different salon, I had a problem with color retouch treatment.  Since I am with Ms. Arima I haven’t had any trouble as she does treatment very efficiently.”  Junko said.


    For her new hairstyle, she asked for an“elegant and beautiful style.”

    “Since long hair suits Junko, I keep the length and add glossy texture with treatment which prevent her  hair to dry.  I also permed lightly for an easy styling.” Yayoi Arima, her hairstylist explained.




    Ms. Arima created the style with a natural movement with a perm and her cutting techniques.  She textured the hair end to create a hair line and permed hair end to be gorgeously curled.


    For color, Ms. Arima used gray covered color to be 9 level natural beige.  From the middle to the end, she used warm beige color to create a gradation effect.  Her hair has glossy look with black currant, cassis color.




    The result is fabulous; it has a glossy, natural and elegant look as Junko requested.

    “This is what I wanted. I can maintain this beautiful style with easy styling as well.”  Junko smiled.




    “I just started belly dance, and I would like Ms. Arima to join us.  When I am with her, we chat a lot, especially about good places to go to eat!”

    Junko always have a great time with Ms. Arima while having treatment.


    “Good thing about Ms. Arima is she understands my taste, and never push her taste and ideas.”

    It is a key for a long term relationship between a client and her hairstylist.




    Hair salon: Thalia

    Hairstylist: Yayoi Arima

    Official website:

    Photo by Takuya Okamoto

    Text by Yumiko Nishimura

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