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    Classy and elegant hairstyle

    February 3, 2014

    Kumiko Fukushima, 46 years old, is the owner of an online shop for clothes and accessories from New York City.


    “My children are 19 and 17 years old. Since they are grown up, I started business on my own. I used to live in NYC for 7 years due to my husband’s work. When I was in NYC, I realized the  importance of techniques depending on hair type. In general I highly respect the Japanese hairstylists ones.” Kumiko said.



    Kumiko has been to the hair salon Garland since it opened 2 years ago.


    “It is difficult to find The One from so many hair salons in Tokyo.  I was introduced to Garland by my friend who has similar taste than mine, and I really appreciated to find Garland and hairstylist, Mr. Akinori Sakakihara. Garland has a relaxing atmosphere like being at home, there are beautiful green plants and sunshine coming in.




    Kumiko’s request this time was a matured style which suits to her age and easy to be maintained.  She is concerned about her bulky, dry, unruly, and enlarged hair due to humidity.

    Mr. Sakakihara proposed her a natural style with easy styling that she can just comb with her hand.




    The base style is medium length slightly longer on front, volume boost for the top creating layers and giving a natural movement. Mr. Sakakihara used “slide cut” technique from the middle to the end to leave some bulks that give a cohesive impression.

    “The straight style suits her personality and lifestyle.” Mr. Sakakihara said.




    The new color for her hair is lavender ash, 6% Tamarind’s LA8 level for roots, 3% LA10 level for the hair ends. The muted color was completed with a single treatment.


    “I am satisfied with my new style which is elegant with a united impression. I am rather conservative and not easy with new challenge. Mr. Sakakihara knows my character and time to time he encourages me to try new style.  I am mow comfortable with new challenge because I truly trust him.” Kumiko said.




    “It is important to have basic care especially when we get older. Especially since my 17 years old daughter is critical and makes good comment for my hairstyle which others never tell me.” Kumiko smiled.


    It is precious to have a hairstylist who gives good advise based on the understanding of hair type as well as one’s life style.




    Hair salon: Garland

    Hairstylist: Akinori Sakakihara

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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