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  • Hair style from 40's

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    Soft and aerial feminine hairstyle

    March 7, 2014

    Kumiko Kamakari, 53 years old, changed hair salon because she was not comfortable with male hairstylists in general.  She looked on internet for female only hair salon and found a new one closed to her station called DOOR.



    “I have  been to DOOR for the past 5 years.  Stylists at DOOR have proven techniques and they understand my picture for hairstyle and always make it happen.” Kumiko praised DOOR a great deal.


    “I tried to keep the feminine and lovely character of Kumiko and reflect that image to her hairstyle.” Chikako Toda, Kumiko’s hairstylist, said. Kumiko is growing her hair so Ms. Toda kept the length of it using layers on the surface to boost the volume, cut the fringe round to make her face look small.




    For perm, Ms. Toda curled the top pulling up the hair to boost volume, used hair iron to curl the bottom, curled her fringe to give soft and feminine image.




    For hair color, Ms. Toda used gray cover color for the roots, put light pink color at the end, and highlighted the surface randomly to create a natural graduated color.


    Due to her career, Kumiko could not dye her hair before. Since she recently quit her job, she decided to try a new style with brighter color. She is open to try new styles.




    “I like Ms. Toda, we can chat about cats, traveling… She is calm which make me feel comfortable.” Kumiko said. The personality and character of Ms. Toda are also reasons why Kumiko keep going to the salon.


    “I enjoy their tea. They serve a different flavor every time.” Kumiko said.  Since DOOR is a female stylists only salon, it seems like they know about hospitality and detailed services.



    Hair salon: Hair room DOOR

    Hairstylist: Chikako Toda

    Official website:

    Photo by Takuya Okamoto

    Text by Yumiko Nishimura

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