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  • Hair style from 40's

    Hairstyles, Long hairstyle

    Elegant and wavy super long hair style

    March 17, 2014

    Ayako Sema, 40 years old, found her current hair salon on a free magazine called “Hot Pepper.” It has been now 7 – 8 years she is going there, and Jun Kitajima has been her hair stylist for the past 6 years.


    Ayako has had super-long hair for a while.

    “Since Ayako is a very tall lady, her hair needs to be in good balance with her height.  When I cut her hair I always focus on details such as cutting the hair ends neat and keeping a fair amount of volume.” Mr. Kitajima said.




    Mr. Kitajima separated her layered based hair into two sections, texturing the upper section to reduce the volume, and keeping the under section without taking out the volume.  He used “mauve pink beige” for her hair color, gradually lighter the color from roots to the end by controlling the bench time.


    Although Ayako is able to enjoy the style, such as leaving her fringe down and parting her fringe at the center, her favorite is “elegant” style with curls.

    “Since she curled her hair by herself, I cut for easy styling.” Mr. Kitajima said.




    Ayako is not conservative when changing style, she prefers a hairstylist who can come up with new idea and propose new style, therefore, a hairstylist like Mr. Kitajima is the ideal one for her.





    Ayako also likes the atmosphere of the salon.

    “I feel comfortable here. Their staff are friendly and  knows both keeping customers entertained and leaving them alone when needed.” Ayako said.


    A hair salon where matured women can relax and enjoy their time – that is the key to win long term loyal customers.




    Hair salon: TENDER Glow

    Hairstylist : Jun Kitajima

    Official website :

    Photo by Takuya Okamoto

    Text by Yumiko Nishimura

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