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    Balanced style with layer cut and color

    March 21, 2014

    Sakiko Matoishi, 47 years old, has been going to the hair salon, Hair Mission, for 15 years.  Her hairstylist, Mari Motojima, is more than just her hairstylist, but also a friend to go out for dinner.



    “I found the hair salon through my friend. At the beginning, Mari’s older brother was my hairstylist, then Mari has been the One for the last 12 – 13 years.  I trust her and leave decision in her hand.  She knows me and my life well so I feel comfortable to let her create a style for me.”  Sakiko said.


    This time Sakiko asked for a change to make a lighter style.

    “Sakiko has strong natural growth pattern and her hair is easy to get poofy. Therefore I tried to create a style which is neat and homogeneous but with a sense of movement at the same time.”  Ms. Motojima said.




    The base style is a low gradation cut, using layers for the top and the inside to make the hair volume lighter. Ms. Motojima used chopping cut to leave some bulk and give a good shape, cut the fringe at the eye level to give a cool look.



    Ms. Motojima used 7 level gray color for the roots, mixed 8 level cocoa color and crystal ash color for the middle to the end to give a glossy look. The complexity of the color created a shinny, light, and casual style.


    Sakiko usually doesn’t perm her hair, but use her natural unruly hair to make curls.

    Ms. Motojima curled the hair along her face, the outside outwards and curled the back side inwards to give a natural movement.




    Sakiko is a professional dancer, therefore, when Ms. Motojima cut her hair, she also imagine Sakiko dancing. “I wanted to create a style which has movement when she dances.” Ms. Motojima said.


    Since they have known each other for more than 10 years, Ms. Motojima understands what Sakiko needs.  It seems like they are the best partner forever.



    Hair salon: Hair Mission Shinsaibashi

    Hairstylist: Mari Motojima

    Official website:

    Photo by Takuya Okamoto

    Text by Yumiko Nishimura

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