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    Having short hair style in middle of growing hair

    March 10, 2014

    Junko Chishida, 52 years old, is a board member of nursing care company.

    “As a representative of our company, I am concerned about my outfit and hair style.” Junko said.



    The first meeting with her hairstylist, Mr. Mikasa, was through her daughter who had found her fashionable hairstyle in a magazine.

    “I went to his hair salon with my daughter when she was 18 years old.” Junko said.

    The first hair cut he did for her daughter convinced her about Mr. Mikasa’s skilled techniques and his personality. Since then, for more than 10 years, both Junko and her daughter have been clients there.


    Junko is currently growing her hair longer and Mr. Mikasa proposed her a “fashionable, chic, and intelligent style” with short fringe.




    Mr. Mikasa used layers from the neckline, which a chin length, and with the side of her hair above chin level.  Then a graduated cut to create a round shape.

    He chopped her fringe roughly above eye brows, which creates a fashionable style as well as a bright facial expression.


    “Although she is in a middle of growing her hair, she can enjoy a style with just slight changes.” Mr. Mikasa explained.




    How does she like the new style which was created by Mr. Mikasa’s proven techniques for cut, color, and perm?


    “The is a very easy styling although I am growing my hair. I am happy with my new style which is fashionable and easy to maintain.” satisfied Junko saying about her style.


    Mr. Mikasa used Perl ash color as a base, gray cover color for the roots, and 9 level tone fashion color from Milbon company for the ends. The important point was the gray cover color and fashion color not to be mixed and muddy.


    Junko has a natural growth line which makes her styling difficult, so Mr. Mikasa permed her hair slightly to fix the growth line and boost up the volume on the top.

    “This perm is not to be seen as a style but more as afunctional perming technique.” Mr. Mikasa said.

    He used ten 30mm – 25mm rods mainly for the top.




    Why has she been his client for more than 10 years?

    “He is a reliable person with proven techniques and a true sense of fashion.  He listens to me carefully to understand my needs. Top hairstylists often show off their ways and preferences, but Mr. Mikasa never behave like them. I am every time satisfied with his cut.” Junko said.


    It is great to have a hair stylist who can help us growing hair but keep having a style based on our moods and tastes.



    Hair salon: Tierra

    Hair stylist: Tatsuya Mikasa

    Official website:

    Photo by Akio Nakamura

    Text by Hanako Maruyama


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