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    Pursuing an ideal, but not with my hair style?

    June 2, 2013

    There was a press release by MILBON,

    Japan’s leading manufacturer for hair care products, about their 2013 campaign;  “Beauty innovation for women in 40s.”

    As “Otona Josei” – literally translated as adult women, has been a hot topic in fashion media these days, the topic brought by MILBON was also the case.




    As Ms. Abe, the president of YUU HAIR SALON  mentioned in her presentation, she believes that women in their 40s have desire to know more about their hair, however they are often not taken seriously by their hair dressers saying “Don’t worry, you are still young to worry about your hair.” Those women, including myself joining the fabulous “adult” world, do not want to hear that kind of answers!

    It was also striking when I read an article on the February edition of HERS, Japanese fashion magazine targeting 40-50s women, saying “We cannot get our ideal hair style.”





    HERS (ハーズ) 2013年 02月号 [雑誌]

    We can afford luxury brands or cutting edge fashion products. Cosmetic and skin care industries are seriously working to give solutions for aging people. How about hair care industry???  I think hair care industry is not responding enough to their customers’ needs.


    Actually there are professional articles and detailed information about fashion, make-up, esthetic’s, cosmetic dentistry on fashion and life style magazines, and audience who has those interests now have a good amount of knowledge.  However, when it come to hair care, professional information have not yet reached general audience. As a result, general public do not know what do they really need  – they do not know what is “ideal” for themselves.

    This is what I understood and was convinced when reading MILBON’s presentation as a writing and editing professional.


    I believe that it will be a trend for hair care articles on magazines will be more precise and give more information to their audience.


    As Ms. Abe from YUU HAIR SALON said, it is meaningless to just talk about style and colors of hair.

    What customers are asking for, are more precised information such as technique to get hair done by cutting and drying particular part of hair, what kind of treatment is needed for their head skin, and so on. Those kind of information is what women are claiming for!


    Many hair catalog for women in their 40s will be published before Spring. What will make the difference is how they will inform their audience with professional and technical advices.


    UNIQUE PIECE, our website, will also faithfully inform our audience and respond to their needs.



    the chief editor:Yumi Masuda

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